• NitWits All-In-One Head Lice Solution | School's back and so are the nits!
  • NitWits All-In-One Head Lice Solution | Easiest way to treat Head Lice

Easier than being at your wits' end.

It's surprisingly easy to treat lice and their eggs with no need to comb! NitWits All-In-One spray, with key active ingredient Dimethicone, is effective in killing lice and eggs in one go1. That's why it's Australia's #1 Head Lice Product2.

Kills lice & eggs in one go

Our formula kills lice and eggs by dehydrating them and disrupting their water balance.

Kid friendly fragrance

You'll love the fresh smell of NitWits All-In-One and so will the kids.

Fresh, shiny hair in one shampoo

NitWits All-In-One washes out easily leaving hair smooth and shiny.

Gentle on young skin

The NitWits All-In-One formula is non-irritating and gentle on little heads.

No mess, no drips spray applicator

Our no mess, no drips applicator makes applying All-In-One a breeze.

easy as spray & wash.

Just spray, massage, wait 20 minutes and wash. It's easy and stress free.

We know Mums don’t have time for head lice so when they come along your world doesn’t have to stop! NitWits All-In-One makes it easy to treat head lice without the need to comb; so you’ll have more time for the important things.

NitWits All-In-One Head Lice Treatment Product | Head Lice Infestation Top Tips

made with love.

Created by Nadine Ismiel-Nash, scientist and mother of two to Amelie and Scarlett.

As a mum, Nadine knows what it's like to deal with a head lice infestation. It can be stressful and the last thing that a parent needs when trying to manage their daily routine.





Easy as regular checks

Prevention is always easier than treatment. Check every few days during the back-to-school season. Weekly checks are the best way to limit the spread of head lice.


Easy as being prepared

Take the stress out of a head lice infestation by keeping a bottle of All-In-One on hand for when your child brings those pesky unwanted guests home from school. Don’t wait for an outbreak!


Easy as hairstyles

Having fun with braids and buns can help to prevent head lice.


ballerina hair style.

NitWits | Head Lice Prevention Hairstyles | Ballerina Hair Style


  1. Pull hair back into a low pony tail and secure with a hair band.
  2. Fold half of the pony tail (starting at the bottom, folding on top of itself), lay a ribbon horizontally across the half pony tail and secure with a hair band.
  3. Roll the remaining tail towards the scalp to create a bun and secure into place with bobby pins and tie the loose ribbon into a bow.

princess hair style.

NitWits | Head Lice Prevention Hairstyles | Princess Hair Style


  1. Part the hair in the centre and secure each section into a low pony tail with a hair band.
  2. Plait each pony tail and fold (underside) in half towards the scalp.
  3. Secure each 'tail' with a hair band.
  4. Wind the plait around the secured top hair band (closest to the scalp) into a bun.
  5. Secure with bobby pin.
NitWits All-In-One Head Lice Treatment | Head Lice Facts

easy as knowing the truth.

Knowledge is power

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not, and it’s important to know the facts so you can deal with head lice in the best way possible. There are a lot of misconceptions about head lice and we’re here to set the record straight.


head lice are found in dirty hair only.

Not true.

Lice are found in all types of hair – they are not picky and are equally happy living in clean hair.


i must clean all the sheets & school hats.

Not true.

Head Lice do not live away from the head, so there should be no fear of lice spreading to clothes, furniture, toys or bedding; therefore excessive cleaning is not required.


head lice can make you sick.

Not true.

Lice are not dangerous and do not carry disease, but they can spread very easily from one head to another. Bites may cause an itchy, inflamed scalp and scratching may lead to skin irritation and even infection.


all children scratch when they have lice.

Not true.

Surprisingly, less than half do! However, let your child know to tell you if they start feeling like they have an itchy head and treat if you see live lice.


lice can jump from one head to another.

Not true.

Head lice cannot jump or fly but they do move very quickly and can crawl from one head to another with close contact.

NitWits All-In-One Head Lice Treatment Product Reviews

mums know kids best.

Don't take our word for it....

The verdict is in and Mums all around Australia love NitWits All-In-One. Here are some testimonials featured on Kidspot. We’re sure that when you try it you’ll love it too!


“NitWits All-in-One was awesome! Super easy to use, loved the spray on application, it smelt clean and fresh and knowing that it killed lice and their eggs was great as I just wasn't so worried.”

       - Katie


“I’ve spent many hours de-lousing my child's hair - not to mention a few treatments on myself! Thankfully, I now have NitWits, which will most certainly add a few more hours back into my busy schedule.”

       - Cozmic


“What grabbed my attention first was the 'no combing required' I have a child with tight ringlets so combing is a nightmare let alone having to use a fine tooth comb over and over to remove live and eggs. It was easy to use, quick and convenient.”

     - TillyKat


“I sprayed it on and combed it through with the one way comb, then washed it out. I haven't seen an egg since! The comb was easy to use even though there's really no need for it, it did help with egg removal.”

     - Chloe


“NitWits was not only easy to apply, but there was no need to comb through (had we chosen not to). Additionally we found that after treating the whole family (just in case!) we still had enough for another application should the need arise.”

       - Sab16

NitWits Head Lice Treatment Products

the NitWits family.

We're on a mission to keep Aussie kids nit free!

At NitWits, we work with leading entomologists to ensure that when you choose a NitWits product you're getting a tried, tested and trusted head lice solution.

We also work with people like you, mums and dads who want a no mess, no fuss head lice solution that just works!

NitWits Head Lice Combing Solution Product | Comb Out Lice and Eggs

find, detangle & remove.

With NitWits Combing Solution

Designed for long hair, this thick conditioning cream with eucalyptus and melaleuca oil helps to quickly detangle knots to make combing and removing lice and eggs easy.

NitWits Head Lice Comb Product | Remove Lice and Eggs

comb out lice & eggs.

With NitWits Head Lice Comb

Our unique 3 in 1 comb features two sets of teeth - wide for detangling knots and stainless steel to remove lice and eggs - plus a built-in 5x magnifying glass.

NitWits Anti-Lice Detangling Spray Product | Repel head lice daily

repel head lice daily.

With NitWits Anti-Lice & Detangling Spray

Formulated for every day use, this repelling and detangling 2-in-1 product conditions to unlock knots and makes combing and styling far easier.

NitWits Natural Actives Head Lice Foam Treatment Product | Treat Head Lice

treat head lice.

With NitWits Head Lice Foam

Our original Foam Kit is no mess and non-drip, formulated with natural eucalyptus and melaleuca oil to tackle lice cleanly.

NitWits All-In-One Head Lice Solution | Head Lice Treatment to kill lice and eggs in one go

kill lice & eggs in one go.

With NitWits All-In-One Head Lice Solution

NitWits All-In-One is the latest NitWits innovation that delivers a quick and easy way to kill head lice AND their eggs without the need for rigorous combing.


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1After 7 days: Hair should be checked after 7 days to ensure that no head lice are present. If lice are detected, repeat treatment.
2Australian Aztec data MAT 17.5.15 in sales value
*When comparing dimethicone vs non-dimethicone based lice treatment solutions.
Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your Healthcare Professional.