Apr 01 2017
Head Lice Pictures

Head Lice Pictures | Adult Head Lice - Louse | NitWits

An Adult Head Lice, a Louse

Head Lice Pictures

These head lice pictures have been magnified. The size of an adult louse, is between two and three millimetres long. A nymph, which is an adolescent louse, is between one and two millimetres long.

Head Lice Pictures | Nits, Nymphs, Louse and Head Lice Eggs | NitWits

Head Lice at various stages of the Head Lice Life Cycle

The head lice eggs are just 0.5 millimetres to two millimetres in length. They are firmly attached to the hair shaft, as you can see in these head lice pictures and generally about one centimetre from the scalp.

Sometimes it can be helpful to use a magnifying glass when treating head lice to help you locate these tiny parasites.

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